Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Home page of Wiki Page Library / Site

SPFolder class has a "WelcomePage" property. This property is used to set home page for a site / a library or a folder. How to do use it in PowerShell?

1. To set site home page.

$web=Get-SPWeb {webUrl} #remove curly braces
$web.RootFolder.WelcomePage="default.aspx" #change to appropriate value

2.To set a default page for Wiki Page Library. If clicking on "Wiki Page Libray" in quick launch menu or in all site contents directly opens a page in the library instead of showing the library pages, execute below script. It will start showing all pages.

$web=Get-SPWeb {webUrl} #remove curly braces
$list=$web.Lists[{Wiki Library Name}] #curly braces must be removed.
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